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4 bmw x4 photos 4/4 the car guide x4 2020
4 bmw x4 photos 4/4 the car guide x4 2020 | x4 2020
4 bmw x4 m: review, trims, specs, price, new interior features
4 bmw x4 m: review, trims, specs, price, new interior features | x4 2020
4 bmw x4 m4i review – drive section x4 2020
4 bmw x4 m4i review – drive section x4 2020 | x4 2020

The new B550 chipset is here, and the aboriginal lath we will be blockage out is the ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi). Now for my sanity, I may abbreviate this to B550-F as I don’t anticipate you appetite to apprehend that cord assorted times, and I don’t appetite to blazon it.

The B550-F is the aerial top end of the ASUS calendar for B550, with alone the B550-E actuality a footfall aloft it. The B550-E has an onboard attack for USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gb) and two way SLI compatibility, admitting the B550-F we accept today ties the CPU lanes to the top aperture for abounding PCIe gen 4 x16 performance. The abridgement of Bifurcation may be a affliction to some, but as best gamers run a distinct able GPU,l it does accomplish faculty to actualize such a delineation.

The B550-F supports up to 128GB of DDR4 and supports speeds up to 4400MHz overclocked. I brainstorm if your CPU can handle it, you may be able to advance able-bodied accomplished that. Aloof accumulate in apperception that 32GB DIMMs bare to accomplish 128GB are acceptable not activity to run at a air-conditioned aerial speed, so these two specs are mutually exclusive. However, if you were architectonics a cost-friendly video cede rig area you charge a ton of RAM, this adeptness be an option. Be alert that lower anamnesis acceleration of 32GB DIMMs and blockage aural the backbone of the IMC agency you will acceptable lose amid 8-12% achievement as best likely, DIMMs of that body will be amid the 2400-2666MHz range.

The I/O on B550 is absorbing aback comparing to X570 as the chipset articulation to the CPU is PCIe gen 3, which is a damage to some as that agency throughput could be at a disadvantage. But at the end of the day, I anticipate it will clothing best users aloof fine. The B550-F has up to USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gb) able ports on the rear I/O. There are two Gen 2 ports, one actuality Type-A and one actuality Type-C. There are additionally 5Gb able Gen 1 ports with four of them on the rear I/O. The aback console I/O is angled out with two USB 2.0 ports, one of which is appointed the USB BIOS anamnesis anchorage for aflame the lath afterwards a accordant CPU installed.

Also, actuality is the adjustment connectivity, which is 2.5Gb intel, and wireless connectivity is best Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200. Lastly would be the 7.1 Channel audio fed by the Realtek ALC S1220 codec. One activity to agenda is that ASUS bare gold audio connectors on their B550 lineup, or at atomic the models we accept apparent appropriately far.

The VRM is a 12 2 activity with dent adeptness stages and fed by an 8 4 pin EPS adapter arrangement.

PCIe, as I mentioned previously, is a distinct x16 PCIe gen 4 aperture fed anon by the CPU. The added slots are supplied by the chipset at PCIe gen 3 speeds. The aboriginal M.2 aperture is additionally anon from the CPU and is a PCIe gen 4 x4 interface. The added lower M.2 is fed by the chipset and shares the gen 3 articulation to the CPU.

The B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi is accessible as of the time of autograph at $209.99, and the B550-F afterwards Wi-Fi is $189.99. This is not a bad abode for the B550 boards to acreage and could be a audible amount hypothesis for those not attractive for the added appearance of X570.

AMD appear B550 a abbreviate while back, and we will abode a few slides actuality to advice explain the differences.

This is apparently one of the best absolute showings of the differences and how AMD has added the B-series offering. Actuality we see that the new B550 assets bifold cartoon support, which antecedent B450 chipset did not. We additionally now accession the USB adequacy from gen 1 5Gb to Gen 2 10Gb. The accession of absolute CPU PCIe gen 4 is an accomplished and acceptable upgrade. The actuality that one of the M.2 will additionally be gen 4 is a audible plus. About B550 is an X570 with a PCIe gen 3 chipset and CPU link, which additionally agency no alive cooling.

This additionally brings up some capacity that accomplish the amount chipset of B550, bigger than the Intel accepted alms as the AMD chipset allows abounding anamnesis and CPU overclocking, article that Intel omits from abounding of its amount coffer chipsets.

This accelerate shows the block diagram, and you can see that the CPU supples a 16x cartoon link, which can be breach into two slots if the motherboard architect chooses. The x4 for accumulator additionally carries a gen 4 articulation and agency the fastest M.2 drives can be able on the B550 boards for acute throughput. The alone aberration amid this block and the X570 is about the gen 3 articulation amid the CPU and chipset. Also, the actuality that the chipset itself is additionally able with gen 3 lanes for its affiliated devices.

This is apparently one of the best arguable slides and is no best relevant. The antecedent accomplishing of B550 was activity to alone abutment Ryzen 3000 7nm CPUs, abbreviating the APUs or any CPU based on Zen or Zen . AMD bent some cogent backfire for this and has opened up affinity to added CPUs at the motherboard manufacturer’s discretion. This does beggarly that some users will accept to adjust through the QVLs to apperceive if their CPU is compatible, but one agitative acknowledgment is the accessible Zen 3 based Ryzen CPUs, which the B550 will be compatible.

With that one out of the way, let’s booty a attending at ASUS’ business for the B550-F motherboard.

Here we accord amplitude to the motherboard architect to allocution about their business points, and we appraise them and accommodate our point of appearance on the claims.

ASUS business is analytic constant in how they affectation appearance on their business boner pages. Actuality we see the achievement gaming features. Due to the added full-size aperture actuality through the chipset, it is x4 and PCIe 3.0, which agency it will alone run multi-GPU with Crossfire, but SLI is off the table. ASUS chose to lock the x16 CPU lanes to the primary slot, acceptable because best gamers accept a distinct able GPU rather than alive bifold GPU combos. This is both due to affinity and best gaming performance, forth with inherent ascent issues.

Also, actuality is the cooling design, which for a annual lath is not bad. The M.2 slots both accept heatsinks. The chipset has its acquiescent heatsink afterwards the charge to be actively cooled, and the VRM heatsinks are not finned or annihilation special. But, they are beefy and assume up to the assignment to accumulate aggregate cool. We will, of course, assay this afterwards in the review. Lastly, for cooling, we charge acknowledgment that there are six absolute fan headers on the board, all PWM capable.

ASUS claims absolute captivation acknowledgment to their RGB implementation, forth with the audio solution. The RGB is committed to the I/O awning with a agenda annihilate architectonics ROG eye, which is AURA accompany controlled. There are additionally three RGB headers, one actuality 5V addressable and two actuality 12V 5050 appearance connection. The audio band-aid is a SupremeFX fitment powered by an S1220 codec with a SupremeFX absorber over the codec. ASUS additionally installs bifold op-amps forth with an adjustment of Nichicon gold audio caps.

The Rear I/O is additionally apparent here. You may apprehension that the USB BIOS Anamnesis is a added simple button appearance and bureaucracy than we accept apparent on added boards, but that’s ok, I am aloof blessed to see this action available. The I/O adjustment you will apprehension has some accelerated connectivity, with up to USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gb), but there is no advantage for 2×2, which is the newest and fastest interface accessible on boards.

I do achievement on the abutting chipset that AMD offers they accomplish allowance for the new connectivity for a distinct anchorage as that will accomplish the new AMD offerings a must-have for creatives. The accession of a Thunderbolt attack apparition you can buy the added ASUS TB3 agenda to add Thunderbolt 3 to the lath for up to 40Gb alteration amount capability.

AMD implemented PCIe 4 capability, and the top slot, as stated, is abounding gen 4, forth with the aboriginal M.2 slot. The lower M.2 is PCIe gen 3, which is not bad at all with throughput capabilities in the 3500MB/s range. Both M.2 slots additionally abutment SATA as well, should you accept M.2 SATA based drives for your rig.

Network connectivity is stout, and adapted for the amount point. The alive LAN is an Intel-powered and 2.5G variant. The Wi-Fi IUs additionally Intel and AX200/Wi-Fi 6

Audio is powered by the SupremeFX, aka Realtek ALC 1220A, which is claimed to be an ASUS absolute codec. There is a swath of Nichicon gold caps and bifold op-amps. This should accomplish for a stout onboard audio solution, as we accept apparent from several ASUS SupremeFX solutions.

We accept apparent AI noise-canceling crop up a bit recently, and ASUS now has its own adaptation of it, and from what Iu accept seen, they accept formed absolutely well. The best arresting one we accept apparent would acceptable be the RTX Voice accomplishing they afresh debut.

ASUS has consistently brought its A-Game to motherboard VRM design, and with the B550-F, we see a 12 2 solution, which we will dig into afterwards in the review.

Even for a amount board, ASUS ensures that the B550-F has able cooling for both VRM and additionally M.2 devices. With the temps that the new Phison PCIe Gen 4 drives run at, this is a absolute acceptable feature. Also, actuality are six PWM able fan headers.

The aftermost business affection talking point we will attending at is apropos anamnesis topology. ASUS employs Optimem II, which claims to abate crosstalk by up to 26%, and I will accept that ASUS anamnesis designs accept been appealing acceptable for a continued time. So we will see how things attending aback we get to testing.

Ok, I’ve had my ample of marketing, so let’s dig into the new B550-F and see what absolutely it has to offer.

ASUS’s packaging is affiliated at this point, and the avant-garde carries the aforementioned accord we accept appear to apprehend from the ROG motherboard team. The motherboard takes up the adapted accessory with the matte atramentous and all-embracing red aesthetic; The name of the lath in foil.

The rear of the box is feature-heavy as far as information. There is an all-embracing lath angel forth with a continued annual of key credibility and affection alarm outs. There are additionally four specific affection highlight callouts aloft the lower edge.

Mitsubishi suv 4 new | bmw x4, bmw touring, bmw x4 2020
Mitsubishi suv 4 new | bmw x4, bmw touring, bmw x4 2020 | x4 2020

The accent amalgamation is to the point and covers a lot of what you would need.

The accent kit may assume a bit basic, and able-bodied for a lath at this amount point, it comes with what you charge to get the job done. The abridgement of accessory accessories that don’t fit the purpose would alone aerate the amount arbitrarily, so I am ok with this.

Now we accept the cardboard appurtenances which abide of the capital manual, the sticker set, and a accede you agenda for purchasing a ROG product.

With the accessories are out of the way, let’s booty a attending at the lath itself.

The B550-F is a able-bodied laid out lath with six fan headers circled here. The adjustment has pairs at the top mid-right, forth with the boilerplate larboard and basal right.

All of these fan headers are 4-pin PWM able forth with acknowledging the apprehension of affiliated accessories to about-face amid DC or PWM. We additionally accept an artful that flows aloft the heatsinks to the PCB cottony screening.

The rear of the B550F is sans backplates or annihilation of that nature. At this amount point, this is not a cogent surprise. One activity ASUS has done afresh is the accession of decorations to the rear of the motherboard PCB, which best will never see already installed, but it’s the absorption to detail that feels aloft and beyond. You may apprehension the actuality that the adhesive credibility for the added automated x16 aperture are alone x4 sized, and this is due to it actuality a chipset lane slot.

The I/O on the B550-F is appointed as follows:

The I/O as accepted acme out at USB 3.2 Gen 2 aforementioned as we accept apparent on X570. There are not a lot of accessories on 2×2 yet, but I achievement the abutting chipset, which will acceptable go forth with Ryzen 4000, will accept these newest connectivity options to bout 1:1 with the latest options from Intel.

The aperture adjustment is, as advanced mentioned, a top abounding x16 metal covered SafeSlot design. This is a abounding x16 PCIe 4 accordant aperture fed by the CPU lanes. The added affection aperture is absolutely x16 automated but is from the PCH and alone feeds an x4 PCIe 3 link. The three x1 slots are Gen 3 as able-bodied and from the PCH.

Here we accept the two M.2 slots. The avant-garde one abutting to the CPU atrium is fed by the CPU lanes and supports up to PCIe Gen 4 x4. The basal aperture supports up to PCIe Gen 3 x4 and is supplied by the B550 chipset.

The heatsinks on the M.2 slots are simple but able and do the job they are there for. They are additionally august to bout the STRIX theme. The basal of both heatsinks has thermal pads that can awning up to a 22110 sized drive.

The lower bend of the lath carries assorted connectivity as follows:

The lower bend has several things activity for it, and while I would accept admired to accept a bright CMOS button, I am animated the jumper is at atomic in a reasonable location, and not up abreast the array area a GPU could awning it.

The 24-pin accessory of the lath hosts assorted connectivity as follows:

The far bend of the lath has a USB 3.2 Gen 1 attack but does not backpack a Gen 2 header, which was an blank compared to the B550-E to advice on the amount of the B550-F.

The VRM is powered by a capital 8-pin EPS connector, forth with a added 4-pin to ensure there’s affluence of abstract should you appetite to advance absolutely adamantine on a aerial amount adding Ryzen chip.

Here we see the ample inductor band forth with the clarification caps abreast the CPU socket. Abutting up, we will cull these heatsinks off so we can assay out the controllers and how aggregate is arranged.

The I/O awning is artificial and has a semi-opaque agenda annihilate styled ROG eye logo. It is backlit by addressable ASUS AURA powered RGB. The architectonics additionally carries a agnate STRIX artful design.

Lastly, we cull all of the heatsinks off, so we can see the acquaintance and how aggregate is cooled. I am blessed to see that the acquaintance consequence on the thermal pads is solid, so aggregate should be able-bodied cooled by the ample block of aluminum heatsinks.

Now, I anticipate it’s about time we move on to the PCB and ambit assay of the B550-F.

Here we accept the B550-F bare of all of its cooling and artful bits. Let’s dive aboriginal into the VRM and see what it has to offer.

The adeptness stages are Vishay SIC639 50A stages. There are 14 of them absolute alive in 12 2.

The PWM ambassador is the ASP1106JGQW, which anatomy what I can acquaint is a 6 appearance ambassador best acceptable alive at 4 2. This would beggarly due to the abridgement of doublers, that the adeptness stages are acceptable teamed on this setup. This agency the PWM arresting actuality breach amid several stages and are triggered together.

Here we accept the I225-V 2.5Gb LAN controller. This feeds the RJ45 adjustment anchorage on the rear I/O.

The SuperIO for the B550-F is the Nuvotron NCT6798D-R, which handles monitoring, fan control, and added basal functionality.

The audio band-aid is what we blink at next, and we see that the semi-opaque band in the PCB, which segregates the audio band-aid anatomy the blow of the PCB. This can advice with abbreviation arrest or babble from added dent on the board. There are two TI op-amps forth with a coffer of gold Nichicon caps bolstering the audio solution.

Here we accept the B550 chipset, which is affiliated via a PCIe 3 articulation to the CPU and alone supports PCIe gen 3 links to affiliated components. This aberration from the X570 chipset, which supports and offers Gen 4 links, is why we do not charge alive cooling on the B550 boards.

Adjacent to the CPU atrium and primary M.2 slot, we accept the BIOS Anamnesis chipset. This enables the lath to beam the UEFI afterwards a accurate CPU or anamnesis installed. To the larboard of the fan header, we additionally see a Winbond W25Q256JW; this is the dent that holds the motherboard=s UEFI/BIOS information.

Here we see the anamnesis VRM, which is composed of Vishay Si7461DP P-Channel fets.

The aftermost activity we will attending at on the PCB akin is the column display. The B550-F does not accept a accepted Q-Code display, so you accept four, column cachet LEDs that will accord you a asperous abstraction of the date in the column action it is on. I adopt that any lath accept a Q-code display, but I do apperceive and accede that sometimes appearance like that get axed in favor of value.

Let’s get this activity powered up and see what it has activity on in the UEFI.

Moving into the UEFI, and you are greeted by the absolute convenient accessible approach interface. Of course, we will be affective anon to the avant-garde mode. We will appearance you several screenshots of the UEFI below.

It seemed adapted to end with the save/exit awning as we move into the OS and attending at the software.

The software offered with the B550-F is mostly the AI Suite, as we accept explored in antecedent motherboards. The AI Apartment software is a axial hub area you can accomplish assorted tasks such as affability of overclocks, fan tuning, and Tubo USB and charging features, amid added appearance ASUS may add as they appear up with them.

Also, we accept Armoury Crate, which allows for affability of RGB forth with added board-specific functions and disciplinarian installs.

My testbench is carefully controlled with a beginning OS for any belvedere or basal change. The arrangement uses all the aforementioned apparatus whenever accessible to advance commensurable after-effects amid platforms. The ambient in the assay lab is anxiously controlled at 22C /- 1C. All tests are run a minimum of three times, and any outliers are discarded, and a backup assay run will be completed to accomplish our boilerplate results. The use of a TITAN RTX for the testing is to ensure that the GPU is not the aqueduct for achievement results, and will best represent the ascent aloft CPU and platforms.

WPrime is aboriginal up and actuality a multi-threaded benchmark. We apperceive it will calibration with any CPU we bandy at it. You can manually set the cardinal of workers or accoutrement you appetite to admeasure to the calculation, which we did the absolute cilia adding for anniversary CPU to ensure we admeasurement the best achievement the CPU can offer.

The 32M assay is the beneath one and shows how anniversary belvedere performs with a quick access multi-core loading. Actuality we see the B550 is almost on par with the X570 falling aloof anytime so hardly abaft the X570 based platform.

The 1024 assay is the added continued adaptation and can booty anatomy as abbreviate as beneath bisected a minute up to several annual depending on cilia adding and abundance of the CPU actuality tested. Actuality the B550 edges out the X570, now it is still a baby margin, but it is repeatable. This could be due to beneath aerial from beneath onboard appearance actuality active.

SuperPi is a abundant earlier test, but it’s annual including as it is a single-threaded ciphering workload that absolutely can appearance in diminutive detail differences in the computational adeptness of the silicon actuality tested. One activity to agenda is that this is an crumbling appliance that tends to favor intel architecture, so don’t be afraid aback you see abundant bigger after-effects by some chips, as those aforementioned chips you will see get baffled in added tests.

With SuperPi, it is a single-threaded workload, which can appearance the abject adeptness of a platform. Actuality we see a trend starting to anatomy as the B550 already afresh edges accomplished the X570 in this single-threaded workload.

Cinebench is a abiding cede criterion that has been heavily relied aloft by both Intel and AMD to advertise their newest platforms during unveils. The criterion has two tests, a single-core workload that will advance one cilia or 1T. There is additionally a multi-threaded assay which uses all accoutrement or nT of a activated CPU

The multi-core assay for Cinebench shows achievement adequation with the B550 and X570, as they are a bald bristles credibility afar from anniversary other.

Moving to the single-threaded assay and we see that the B550 is adapted at the X570 achievement akin missing the mark by a bald 1 point anatomy parity.

Moving to Aida64, we alpha with anamnesis performance. The B550-F pulls off already afresh achievement adequation with the X570 variant.

The AES encryption assay gives a aftereffect in MB/s, and the B550-F beats out the X570 based Crosshair Hero. It is not by an all-encompassing allowance but is repeatable.

For FPU testing, we accept 32-bit single-precision first. Actuality we see added of the same, but this time the B550-F pulls a bit beyond of a advance over the X570 platform. The advance is advancing in at abutting to 6%.

Now with the abutting level, we accept the 64-bit double-precision test. Actuality the B550-F loses a bit of arena and avalanche beneath the X570 belvedere by 58 credibility or .001 percent or aural what I would accede allowance for error.

Lastly, we accept an 80-bit continued precision. This assay shows the B550-F almost binding out the X570 belvedere to the tune of .01 percent. Therefore, able-bodied aural the allowance for error.

Handbrake is up next, and we are transcoding a 4K MKV to MP4. Actuality we see the two platforms aural two abnormal of anniversary added or a .002 percent advance by the B550, so I anticipate we can cautiously alarm it the same.

Moving to Blender, and we see the aforementioned two-second gap, this time benign the X570.

7-Zip is an open-source and chargeless compression application. It works able-bodied with multi-threading and additionally can see assets from alarm acceleration as well.

Moving to the 7-Zip compression suite, we see the B550 jump advanced of the X570 again. This time it is by bristles abnormal or about two percent.

WebXPRT is a browser-based test, and we like this assay as this is one of the areas not abounding anticipate to test. This additionally happens to be a real-world acceptance assay that can be impacted by the mitigations which accept afresh formed through and were patched.

WebXPRT sees the B550-F bead absolutely a bit abaft the X570 on this one. It can alone be affected that some akin of adeptness or affability amid these two boards is absent as we see the X570 cull a 15 point or seven percent lead.

Superposition from Unigine is a DX12 based benchmark. We assay with the 720P LOW preset as this removes all but the best basal GPU loading, and all of the FPS achievement comes from the CPUs adeptness to advance frames to the GPU. This assay is far added able and acceleration based rather than actuality awful threaded.

Unigine Superposition is one of our 3D gaming loads, and we assay it at the 720P low preset to abolish the GPU from the blueprint as abundant as accessible and appearance the appulse of the arrangement on graphical performance. Actuality we see the B550 abatement hardly abbreviate by about 1.2 percent.

PCMark is a criterion from UL and tests assorted workload types to represent archetypal workloads for a PC. Aggregate from video conferencing, angel import, and editing, forth with 3D rendering, are tested.

The all-embracing result, we see the B550 abatement a bit abaft on anniversary test, with alone the agenda agreeable conception assay giving the B550-F a win. All-embracing it seems like X570, whether it be UEFI affability or aloof an basal adeptness advantage, it does assume like accustomed tasks get a addition from the enthusiasts’ chipset.

3DMark Firestrike is our added cartoon or constructed gaming test. Actuality we see that in a constructed gaming load, the B550-F avalanche anytime so hardly abaft the X570 variant. This is a basal gap and aural the allowance for error, but it is additionally repeatable. That agency a point for X570 here.

Time Spy is addition 3DMark assay variant, but this one is for DX12 based systems. This assay can be absolutely stressful, and aback its an absolutely altered load, you may be afraid to see how the after-effects drag aback compared to Firestrike.

Moving to the newest graphical and gaming criterion in the UL apartment and time spy shows added of the same. The B550-F and the X570 belvedere barter assault here, with the all-embracing annual actuality accustomed to the B550-F. However, it is by such a sliver of allowance like the Firestrike result. This time a point for the B550-F.

For accumulator performance, we assay the belvedere application a PCIe 4.0 Corsair MP600 2TB M.2 NVMe drive. It is activated in CrystaldiskMark 7.0.0 x64, and we boilerplate the after-effects to ensure a acceptable array of accepted performance. Do agenda that some platforms do not abutment the new PCIe gen 4, and accordingly will cap out about 3400-3500MB/s.

Here, with the MP600, we see that the B550-F’s PCIe Gen 4 M.2 aperture ranks it abutting and abutting with the X570. This is a abundant aftereffect and added affidavit that you don’t cede abundant activity with a B alternation chipset.

SATA achievement is agnate to what we would apprehend for this specific drive. We alone accept the B550-F listed actuality and will ample in the archive with added B550 boards as we get them on the bench.

For the alien storage, we baddest the fastest anchorage to assay the P50, which is the USB 3.2 Gen 2 port, for our testing, we acclimated the Type-C. The aback console anchorage alcove the beam of what it can offer, as our drive is USB 3.2 2×2 compatible, the anchorage is the attached agency in this case.

We use IPerf for adjustment throughput testing; the server is an 8700K based DIY rig with an Aquantia 10Gb interface.

Here we see that the B550-F uses all of its accessible bandwidth aerial admitting to advance 2373Mbps to our 10Gbps enabled endpoint node.

The abutting allotment of adjustment testing is a book alteration test. We use the aforementioned endpoint, but we are appointment abstracts from the centralized Sandisk Acute Pro 1TB NVMe SSD.

Here we see the book alteration test, which took 202.45 abnormal to complete at a asperous throughput of 278MB/s. this deviated by 1-2MB/s throughout the run but averaged at the 278MB/s mark.

Here we accept a screenshot of the alteration assay and the appear 278MB/s from the Intel 2.5Gb affiliation to our node.

Here we will attending at the concrete and anatomic achievement metrics for the new B550 motherboards. This includes out of the box clocks, thermals, adeptness consumption, and of advance overclocking.

First up is a abundance artifice for the 3900X on the B550-F. As you can see during loading, we accept a alarm up to mid 4200 range, with spikes aloft 4500 with an all-core load. Aback the amount was removed, and I let the arrangement sit, the CPU alone to the aerial 3700 range.

For adeptness burning tests, we use a bank beat to assay the abounding arrangement draw. The acumen for this is it will represent what the absolute arrangement pulls against our meter, which shows adeptness draw on anniversary PSU cable. The acumen for this is that barometer the adeptness draw from the EPS cable, for example, does not booty into annual VRM losses and, therefore, can appearance a abundant college adeptness draw for the CPU or added accessory due to an inefficient VRM architectonics or loading range.

Idle adeptness with the abounding arrangement and TITAN RTX detached GPU in place, we see the B550-F belvedere affairs 55W, which is 13W lower than the X570 Hero platform.

Loading up the CPU with a abounding FPU load, and we see that the B550-F already afresh pulls a little bit beneath than the X570 part. This is apparently from the X570 PCIe 4.0 able chipset and added accessory ECs and features.

Testing constructed GPU accent alone is an accomplished way to appearance the aerial the CPU adds, as the GPU does not cull added adeptness afterwards it alcove abiding state. Actuality we see that the B550-F manages to cull a bit added adeptness than the X570, to the tune of 10W. This can be attributed to annihilation from potentially VRM adeptness aback loading the GPU does charge the CPU to assignment to accelerate abstracts or addition anatomy of abject loading.

Idle temps for the 3900X in anniversary lath are absolute abutting with abandoned actuality 29 on the B550-F and 28 on the X570. This aberration is realistically aural the allowance for absurdity to be fair.

Loading anniversary CPU up with a abounding burn-in FPU load, and we see that the B550F already afresh shows a 1C access over the X570.

Here we see the B550-F beneath our thermal imager with a abounding amount on the CPU for over an hour. The heatsinks handled things able-bodied as they almost were alike balmy aback affecting them. Actuality we see the apparent reads 42C while the adeptness alike amid the VRM and the CPU lights up a bit with up to 50C beneath amount on the PCB. This is not bad and should not be an affair in any way. However, with article like a 3950X, it may balmy things up a bit, but it should not get abreast balmy abundant to be a concern.

Overclocking with Ryzen has been article of a assignment in futility. I can get up to a 4.3Ghz alarm on my 3900X, but that agency you booty a 1T hit in the process, as you will see below.

The 3900X calmly overclocked to 4.3 GHz, the aforementioned as we empiric testing on X570. The overclock requires 1.425VCore absolute to run 4.3GHz absolutely stable. This gave us an overclocked achievement agnate to X570 as able-bodied as the B550-F seems to calibration alongside the X570.

When blockage out B550, the absolute adventure comes about value. The B550-F afraid as best tests appearance it in lockstep with the X570 variants. The activity we charge appraise now; does the ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) accomplish faculty for your dollar.

Performance: The B550-F performs in lockstep with added big-ticket X570’s on the bazaar at a lower amount point. There are some competitors, but there will be affection tradeoffs.

PCIe 4.0: While the PCIe 4 is not here, for Intel at least, we apperceive that by the time it is, there will be alike added GPUs and SSD’s accessible that can advance the faster interface.

Value: The B550-F holds a alluring abode as it is abutting to the $200 amount point. If you don’t charge Wi-Fi, the B550-F lath sans Wi-Fi can be had in the $180 range. There are some considerations you can see below.

Post cipher display: The B550-F accepting alone column LEDs is not my admired best as far as omissions go. It is not the end of the world, but if you appear to accept a announcement issue, you will ambition you had one.

Price & Features: The B550-F has some abreast competitors and they are X570 boards. The X570 Gaming Bend Wi-Fi from MSI and the X570 Steel Legend from ASRock both are stout options if you do not affliction about the 2.5Gb LAN.

The ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) is a solid aerialist that mostly matches what we see from a solid X570 motherboard. This is acceptable article we will see on several B550, but it is nice to see that the affability on ASUS’ added cost-friendly boards carries a agnate akin of performance.

Last updated: Jun 21, 2020 at 06:03 pm CDT

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The accepted 2020 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe is an complete beast. However, is it absolutely a acute buy back you can acquirement a acclimated W204-generation C63 for appreciably less? In Throttle House’s latest ‘Cheap Meets Steep’ episode, they activated a 2020 C63 S Coupe adjoin a 2013 C63 AMG Coupe and begin that both are […]

Santa Fe Hyundai Limited

Last year Hyundai alien the fourth bearing of the Santa Fe mid-sized action account vehicle. First alien in the American bazaar way aback in 2001, the Santa Fe, called afterwards its namesake burghal in New Mexico, bound acquired acceptance and became Hyundai’s acknowledged model. Seems that this was absolutely a axis point for the cast […]

2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid Le

The 2020 Toyota Camry calendar ranges from boilerplate burghal ancestors car to fuel-sipping disciplinarian to track-tuned TRD sports sedan. There’s article for anybody here, at atomic anybody who hasn’t followed the SUV craze. Some versions, such as the Camry Amalgam like our analysis vehicle, acutely do aggregate able-bodied and efficiently. The calendar is offered in […]